Self-Serve Water Business

Purely Natural is a leading Manufacturer & distributor of water dispensing equipment and accessories throughout North America, Our product line includes Water Dispenders, Water vending machines, Commerical Reverse Osmosis units, Bottle Racking, Water Bottles, Bottle Sterilizers, Water Coolers and a complete range of accessories.

Double Self Serve
Single Self Serve

Double Self Serve Dispenser

Single Self

Serve Dispenser

Retailers Love it

  • It's Profitable - 80% Gross Margin

  • Repeat Business

  • Attracts New Customers

  • Saves Space and Labour

Consumers Love it

  • Refilling Saves Money

  • Great-Tasting Water

  • It's Fresh

  • It's the Highest Quality

  • Helps the Environment

Customer Base - Small (20)

Daily Fills - 4

Monthly Revenue - $474

Monthly Profit - $379

Annual Profit - $4,548


Plus Additional Profits from Coolers, Bottles & Accessories! 

5-Gal Bottles

@$3.95 / 5 Gallon

@80% Margin*

X 12 Months

Call 780-349-4933 or 877-888-7364 for a Water Business Specialist