Purely Natural DI 75
purely natural DI 75.png

Deionized Water is distilled water quality, safe for autoclaves, ultrasonic cleaners and instrument washer final rinse.


Reverse osmosis is safe for dental bottles; no equipment damage. Connects to a city water source and produces high quality deionized and reverse osmosis water from the same system on demand. No more buying and lugging bottles of water.


Features & Benefits

  • 5 stage system with 2 deionizing filters

  • Booster pump for consistent water pressure to the membrane, producing maximum quality, efficiency and fast production

  • Storage tank with pressure bladder

  • Self priming and whisper quiet

  • Independent deionized and reverse osmosis faucets

  • Under counter design with drawer style bell bearing slides providing easy access to filters

  • Yearly filter change kit available for easy maintenance

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