The CBR-2 is a countertop model designed to rinse dirty 1 - 5 gallon bottles prior to pure water filling. A cone adapter allows any size of bottle or container to be rinsed before filling with pure water. Often ozone is used as the source to kill any surface bacteria present in the bottles.


A consumer easily operates the CBR-2 and, with filler option, fills a bottle immediately following rinsing.


Features & Benefits

  • Manual Operation
  • Rinses 1 - 5 gallon bottles
  • Pop-up rinse nozzle
  • Rubber stopper bottle positioning
  • 2 stations
  • Back splash guard
  • Direct wire (24 volt)
  • Removable grate for cleaning
  • Counter top model
  • Stainless steel

CBR-2 Bottle Rinser