What's In Your Well Water?

What's really in your well water?


Hard Water?


Heavy Metals?


Viruses and bacteria can be present in untreated water. When they are ingested from contaminated drinking water, they can cause you to become sick.Transmission of pathogens can also occur while bathing, showering, or brushing teeth, with infected water.

Hard Water

Hard water occurs as water moves through soil and rock dissolving into natural minerals such as calcium and magnesium and carries these minerals into the well water supply. This can cause problems with plumbing in your home. You may experience the build up of hard water on household fixtures, clothing, as well as hair and skin.


Sediment is solid material that settles at the bottom of water. Once disturbed the sediment can lead to high turbidity (or cloudiness of your water).

Heavy Metals

Heavy metals can pose a serious threat to your health. Things such as arsenic, lead and mercury can all be found in well water. Side effects of long-term exposure to these heavy metals can include an increased risk of cancer.


Having your well water tested is the first step to ensuring you have clean and healthy drinking water at hand. At Precision Water Systems we believe in providing the cleanest and purest drinking water with distilled water. We offer a variety of options to bring you safe clean drinking water. From at home distillers to bottle fill stations.

Contact us today to request a quote and bring home better water!

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