The How-To for Self-Serve Water Business

How to Increase Store Traffic & Make Huge Profits…

Helping Retailers Profit Since 1980

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• Hardware Stores

• Grocery Stores

• Convenience Stores

• Pharmacies

• Health & Wellness Stores

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• Factory Trained Technicians

• National Service Network

• Complete Maintenance Program

The Bottled Water Market is HUGE!

Latest polls say 90% of Canadians are concerned about the quality of their drinking water.

4 out of 10 Canadians buy their drinking water.

Annual bottled water sales have increased from $173 Million to over $500 Million in 10 years.

Self-Serve Advantages:

Retailers Love It!

• It's Profitable

80% Gross Margin with a realistic $2,000/sq. ft. profit.

• Saves Space & Labour

No stacking and moving heavy bottles onto shelves.

Customers fill their own bottles.

• Repeat Business

Customers return week after week for refills.

Consistent, non-seasonal profits.

• Incremental Sales

Water customers on average purchase 2 or more additional items per visit.

Customers Love It!

• Saves Money

Refilling saves up to 50% of bottled water costs. Plus, no bottle deposits.

• It’s Fresh

Purified daily, unlike bottled water which spends from 30 to 90 days in a warehouse or store shelf.

• It’s the Highest Quality

Maintained by qualified technicians to a stringent water quality protocol.

• It Tastes Great

State-of-the-art purification system removes chlorine and other chemicals that cause water to taste or smell bad.

• It Helps the Environment

By refilling bottles, we don’t add to the 600 million plastic bottles that end up in North American landfill sites every year.

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