News Bulletin: Precision Design & Manufacturing Purchase Polar Bear Water Distillers

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Polar Bear Water Distillers has been purchased by the original owner, Ehreth Horinek, President of Precision Design & Manufacturing Inc. Polar Bear Water Distillers was sold by Ehreth Horinek in 1998. Since that time, the company had changed hands several times, each time struggling a little harder to stay in the marketplace. After 12 years of struggling, the current owner approached Precision Design to purchase the company.

Precision Design is pleased to announce the purchase of the Polar Bear inventory, website and phone numbers. Precision Design is proud to provide parts and service on all existing Polar Bear units as well as offering the Precision line of water distillers and commercial water equipment. Ehreth Horinek and his long term employees, all having been with Polar Bear for many years before selling in 1998, are eager to assist all Polar Bear customers and dealers.

With many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the Polar Bear Water Distillers – Precision Design & Manufacturing Inc. is able to meet all of your water needs.


Ph: 1-877-888-7364

Polar Bear Water Products are no longer available. See Precision Water Sysrems for a complete line of products.

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